Fun, Easy, and Modern Way to Learn Tarot and Astrology!


The AstroCrown Tarot is designed to help you activate your psych and third eye, so that you are able to pick up each and every card's intuitive energy without ever doubting the message! The included comprehensive guide leaflet makes it easy to learn the Tarot's Astrological associations for an even more solid understanding, especially when it comes to the Minor Arcana's complexity. The deck is printed on thick and high-gloss card stock for great durability!


Each of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards is labeled with its corresponding Zodiac Sign or Planet. Additionally, each card's Zodiac Sign or Planet symbol is incorporated in the design, allowing you to better understand the overall feel of its intuitive message.


Each of the four Aces in the deck has its corresponding Astrological Element stated next to the card title and shows its three associated Zodiac Sign names/symbols, allowing you to more easily activate your intuition.


Each of the Two-Ten cards contains its corresponding Roman numeral, Suit symbol, Planetary frequency, and ruling Major Arcana card. These will help you create an overall picture of the meanings in any given situation.


The Court cards are represented by Chess piece silhouttes, allowing you to quickly identify them. Each one also has its corresponding Zodiac Sign name/symbol and Astrological Quality.


The AstroCrown Tarot is also great to use as flash cards, especially during meditative studying!


Remember, adaptability and your intuition are the key in your Tarot learning journey!

AstroCrown Tarot

  • Includes:

    Complete 78 Card Deck
    Comprehensive Guide Leaflet

    Card Size: 2.75" x 4.75"