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Meet Sergio, Founder of Chiquito Divino


Hiiii! Thank you so much for taking some of your precious time to visit my little Tarot website. I am the creator of the AstroCrown Tarot, a self-published Tarot deck made possible by applying the Law of Attraction! My Instagram is filled with all things Tarot, so you will get to know my style of reading the Tarot and passion for this wonderful form of intuitive guidance and spiritual healing.


The Tarot has tremendously impacted the way I live and reflect on my life, allowing me to make wiser choices and truly see the big picture behind many important areas of life. My deepest passion with the Tarot is when I use it to help others spiritually, in ways in which I can tune in to my querent’s energy to provide a positive sense of direction and clearer outlook on the situation at hand. I am a strong believer that our future depends on the choices we make in life, as we determine what is set in stone throughout our own journey in this beautiful and chaotic world.

My spiritual sister led me to reconnect with the Tarot and my spirituality in a way that completely transformed my life. I am now able to read the Tarot intuitively and make Astrological associations for myself and others with great accuracy. Even my soul mate, who has fully supported me on my Tarot journey from the beginning, has become very involved with my daily meditations for balance, healing, and clarity.

I will be adding more Intuitive Tarot Reading options for you to choose from as time progresses, so you will see my shop expand :)

Again, thank you so much for stopping by and please be sure to also check out my Instagram and my other social media for fun Tarot & Witchy content!

- Sergio Mena


"Sergio definitely clarified what's been blocking me from doing what I love and was spot on! Very insightful!"

- Joseph M.

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